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About Patrick Connor

Patrick ConnorPatrick Connor was born in England on 18th November 1969. He was educated at Eton and received his Bachelor of Arts at Durham University. He then obtained a Master of Philosophy degree from Cambridge University. As a young businessman and entrepreneur, he travelled widely, lived in different countries, and had very diverse experiences. He worked on interesting projects and co-founded a business. He then traveled around the world to grow it internationally. But there was always something missing in his life. Certain unavoidable questions continued to arise… “What is really worth giving my life energy and capacities to?”…. “What does success really mean?”…. “What is the ultimate possibility of a human lifetime?”…. “What REALLY are the limits to human potential?”  He knew he had to explore beyond the ordinary horizons of mainstream culture. And so the point came when he felt he had to take a break from his business career to pursue these questions fully, with all of his passion and energy.

Inspired by an inexhaustible love for learning and a deep fascination with the interconnectedness of all of life – and driven by a hunger for the real knowledge at the heart of all subjects – he began his quest to understand fully the mystery of human existence. He trained in cellular biology, delved into quantum physics, became a healer, learned about health, diet and the physical body, immersed himself in exploring multiple branches of psychology and related therapies, and experimented with a wide range of eastern and western modalities of alternative medicine and healing. As he tied the threads together, he saw again and again, that at the deepest level – at the frontier of every subject – one could go no further without understanding human consciousness as the foundation of all knowledge and all experience. And it was obvious that one could not meaningfully study consciousness objectively. In effect, the laboratory had to become one’s very own being, and the sincere quest for a profound understanding of life would inevitably take anyone to the beginning of the inner path of self-exploration and self-transformation, the time-honored journey of self-knowledge.

The deepest phase of his quest began when he made the startling discovery that one’s own mind was the only source of limitation there is or could ever be in life, and that to truly master life, one must become the master over one’s own mind. He saw that the human mind included not only conscious beliefs and ideals, but also much deeper conditioning, most of which was subconscious, and therefore unseen. He had long understood the importance of attitude, but a whole new world opened up for him when he saw that the conquest of one’s own mind was in fact the ultimate summit of achievement to aspire for, and that all possibilities for a person depended upon their level of consciousness, or the degree of their evolution along this path.

In his quest for self-transformation, he travelled widely, including to India, and developed a very deep grounding in the underlying principles of this inner path of self-mastery. In order to leave no stone unturned, he made a deep study – as exhaustive as was necessary – of the great spiritual traditions and wisdom teachings of the world that spoke about enlightenment and Liberation. He was always concerned to extract the most universal essence and leave behind all dogma. As he went, he tested these principles on himself, and refined them further by sharing and working with a great many others.

He saw clearly that the key to progress lay in the willingness to do this inner work of unlearning in a consistent and meticulous way, and that there was a huge difference between believing in the higher ideals and principles versus engaging the process of self-training required to live and embody the eternal wisdom. He observed that although many aspired for the fruits, few seemed to be willing to make the necessary inner commitment.

His yearning to use his life in service to humanity brought him into close contact with many great (and mostly unknown) masters and teachers during this time, each of whom gave him their blessing and guidance. As he worked on himself, a magical inner world of creativity and joy and inspiration opened up in him. The intuitive intelligence naturally flowered and an inner aliveness made this work ever more fascinating and transformative.

For over a decade, he has led many seminars and workshops for those who have the readiness to master life’s deeper challenges, the curiosity to discover and awaken its real possibilities, and the courage to live with irresistible inspiration. Since 2005, these private ‘Satsangs’, workshops and retreats have been organised by invitation only in the United States, United Kingdom, Costa Rica and in India. His deepest love has been to work very closely with leaders and individuals at all levels of life, helping them first of all to gain a deep and rare mastery over their own lives, and thereby to transform themselves into sources of creativity and inspiration for the world around them. In 2010, the Purna Svarup Foundation was established in order to disseminate the universal teachings throughout the world. At the end of 2015, this has been re-inaugurated as Sharmadã Foundation.

Over the years he has applied this universal understanding to multiple areas of human life, including the leadership of business, raising and guiding children, relationships, optimal health and healing, and the deeper questions of stewardship in today’s world, specifically how to tap into the real power (so seldom accessed) to bring lasting benefit to humanity at large. Since he began teaching, his sole motivation has been to bring the universal wisdom within the grasp of those who want to live truly great and inspired lives.

During all these years he has deliberately shunned publicity, allowing a great concentration of energy to develop among those who have sought his guidance.

His life is devoted to the Liberation of the human spirit.


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Sharmadã Foundation Mission Statement

A76 - shutterstock_57342748 door w dropshadow copyOriginally founded in 2010 and renamed in 2016, Sharmadã Foundation is a U.S. 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation whose mission is to be a vehicle for the dissemination of the Wisdom, Love, Grace and Inspiration of the Divine for the highest benefit and wellbeing of humanity.

Sharmadã is one of the ancient and sacred names of the Divine Mother, and can been translated as “She who bestows Eternal Happiness” (in the sense of Infinite Bliss, Joy and Inspiration), reflecting the essence of our humanitarian work.

This mission is secular in orientation, and is aimed at the relief of suffering for people of every creed, age, nationality and background, with no discrimination whatsoever. The Foundation aims to serve society as a whole, to help people transcend division and limitation of all kinds, and eventually to become whole, balanced, fully integrated and free. It helps people to become aligned with the Universal Consciousness, and so develop their gifts to their highest capacity for the greatest good of all.

Educational, charitable and philanthropic in nature, the Foundation aims to illuminate every aspect of the human journey with a global understanding via the Light of timeless wisdom and Love. It supports the journey of self-transformation and the path of complete development in all those who are ready, and presents the highest understanding of life – ‘Mukta Jnana,’ the Supreme Truth, the essence of all wisdom and all pathways to Liberation down the ages – in simple and clear modern language, free from the fetters of dogma and traditional culture, for the upliftment and inspiration of all. All activities of the Foundation support the fullest realization of one’s own Self in complete resonance with the Supreme Being.

In making the eternal teachings meaningful, practical and compelling to the people of modern times and the challenges of modern society, the Foundation supports the very highest aspiration of man – the eternal quest for happiness, Freedom and Peace, including the realization of one’s unlimited potential, and the chance to make the most of life’s adventure. Teaching is disseminated via retreats, seminars, meetings, counseling and publications through the various media channels.